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About Me


I grew up in Northampton, England famous for Althorp House home of Princess Diana and also George Washington’s ancestral home Sulgrave. I was educated at Northampton School for Boys, Notable Alumni: Matt Smith, Francis Crick, Alan Moore, and Courtney Lawes.

I've always believed that you should follow your heart and take full advantage when windows of opportunity open. Having this outlook on life I’ve found myself enjoying life to the full having many varied experiences. At a young age I found being in the spot light a passion too hard to resist, going on to perform in many plays and hosted large events. Also, a self confessed adrenaline junkie I teach SCUBA diving and like nothing more than to experience the most challenging of environments and play with the odd shark. I spent a few seasons working for Virgin Hot Air Balloons as crew chief and would like to have my pilot’s license before I turn 35. As a passionate photographer I found the underwater world enchanting, however now living in the wild west of America I am surrounded by the most diverse and varied photo opportunities. In particular, I am struck by the Cityscapes and rugged mountainous terrain.

I began writing basic code creating games in the 90’s on an Apple IIe, pursuing other interests in the late 90’s I left my inner nerd behind only to resurface again 7 years ago when the opportunity came about to build a website. Combining my creative flare and at the time primitive knowledge of code I’ve continued since then learning and gaining experience in this ever expanding field.